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Thanksgiving on the Big Island

Turns out O'ahu is a tough place to surf in the winter... who knew?!

So often we train with folks who feel the need to talk, give excuses, "teach" or just waste time while rolling. I love you all, but seriously... #stfuat (shut the f*** up and train)! We are here to learn and grow; spiritually, physically and mentally... we can talk about life after.

I don't want to seem like an A**Hole or a gym rat, which is why I want to include some "Aloha Spirit". My brother lived for a few years out in Hawaii and while I was visiting sometime in 1998 or 99 I soaked up the culture and the Surf, (which I totally suck at... brah!). I was there around Thanksgiving, I know that because my brother and I roasted a chicken stuffed with orange slices and basil… only problem was, when we attempted to carve it we didn’t realize it was upside down, Ha, the days when I didn’t know how to cook! While my brother was working, I headed to an isolated beach in Kaneohe Bay, located on the north shore of the Marine Corps base, a treat many people don’t get to experience. I sat on the beach for a bit, taking it in, I couldn’t believe I was alone! It was like being on a deserted island (without the whole Wilson nonsense).

I should have realized that the empty beach probably meant that the conditions weren’t that great, but I figured it was just because I was on a military base and it was the middle of a holiday week. Turns out, it was the earlier assumption that was correct.

I did some small wave surfing in southern California, which made me think I could handle the big show... The surf was sporadic and didn’t have the best timing, the waves weren’t particularly huge, but they had a strong undercurrent and came fast and many. My little 6’ short board was like a guided missile - crazy! There was no way I was staying on that stick, I was held under for about 3-4 waves getting pummeled against the coral before popping up, taking a breath and getting hit again. I pride myself on my swimming and it was still terrifying. Needless to say, I sold my surfboard the day after I returned from that trip.

There’s a moral in here somewhere… I thought that because I showed up I knew what I was doing… wrong! Showing up and training are two very different things, if you want to be prepared, you have to put the time in without distractions. That means #stfuat. Look, I know the gym is fun, it’s a place where we get away from our lives for a bit, hang with friends and unwind. But we can’t forget that we are there for a reason, to progress in our discipline (or at least be respectful of others who are trying to). That is not to say that you can’t have a good time and fool around, but there is a time to play and a time to train if you want to “ride the north shore in the winter”.

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Avoid the Roid!

It seems like we can’t go a week without that pesky PED talk. This recent run down roid lane got me thinking about the effects it has on our bodies and if it really is all its cracked up to be. So I did a little digging, turns out there are some pretty cool landmark studies that have been done on the effects of “steroid placebo”.

A great article from Greg Nuckols over at talks about how the placebo effect gives riod like results. Basically the studies prove that just the mere thought of taking a performance enhancing drug is enough to get the gains, and that when the subjects were told they were taking placebo, they immediately revert back to their original max... even though they knew the gains were natural… hmm. This leads me to believe that its theoretically possible to have the opposite effect if you are always negative and telling yourself that you “can’t do it”, chances are you most likely can! So stop complaining about that toe you stubbed last week… suck it up bro and keep training.

On a side note, can we all just get over the marijuana thing already… according to current data nearly half our country believes the drug should be legal. “Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form.” (

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Renzo Gracie Prepares for Metamoris 5

Renzo Gracie is prepared for his Metamoris 5 match against rival Kazushi Sakuraba on November 22nd, 2014. This should be an incredible re-match between two of the world's best grapplers. During their last encounter in August of 2000, Sakuraba defeated Renzo by referee stoppage when Sakuraba broke Renzos arm with a Kimura. Renzo never gave up and hails the fight as one of his proudest moments in Mixed Martial Arts.

This time the two will face each other under submission only grappling rules, and since there are no rounds the competitors must pace themselves for the entire 20 minute match. Both men are capable grapplers and they are no doubt ready for the physical and mental endurance that goes into a long contest. With no points to fall back on, one of the opponents must submit the other to truly be the champion, and we all know from past experience that getting a Gracie to submit is more than a difficult task… in fact it is nearly impossible. It will be interesting to witness the outcome of this historic event, my opinion is if you’re not watching this fight… then you’re not really a fan of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


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Renzo Graqcie (right) and Luciano Christovam

View the gallery from the training session here

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